Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday, Little Ladies

link party from megan, kelly & lindsay
Its that time of the week again :) 

Today I thought I would do something a little different.
Today Id like to share some of my FAVORITE girls clothes, ya know, in hopes that one day I might actually have a little girl :)

I think everyone knows how much I love little boys clothes. They are SO cute..and just keep getting cuter ;) but there is something about tu-tus and ruffles and pretty hair bows that I love.
One thing is for certain, if I ever have a little lady she will live in dresses and bows. No ifs ands or buts about it!

First up...ETSY.
I mean, seriously who doesn't love etsy?

by MooseBaby Creations
By Classic Stiches sTL
I know, everyone and their dog is loving Chevron right now...but its adorable!

By 4everTuTu
Because, if I ever have a daughter she will have an older brother who LOVES super heroes. This is very fitting right?

A sweet sweet boutigue
And who doesn't want newborn pics this adorable?!
Seriously guys...im baby hungry! Its intense.

I could go on and on and on about Etsy, they have literally everything on that dang sight! But you get the idea.

Next up, an all time favorite Old Navy.


Becuase what little girl doesn't look good in a romper?

Every little girl  NEEDS an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini :)

Those blue ruffle sandals would look ADORABLE with the blue polka dot romper.

Now, we move unto Target

More adorable ruffly swim suites.

Apparently I have a thing for polka dots

Love neon & leggings

Last up...Gymboree.
I just have to say I am NOT at all a fan of Gymboree for little boys. Once in a while they have some cute stuff. But for the most part, its to "themed" for little boys. At least for my liking. They have a great quality in clothes though, they do hold up well. And their pajamas are basically the only thing Ill get for Hudson their. Only when on sale with a coupon though. This store can be a little pricey.
But for girls, I think the "themes" just work. They can be adorable and if I ever have a little girl Id probably let her wear Gymboree clothes up until she was like 5. There clothes up to like 11/12 years old, which is WAY to old for "themed" clothing to me.


see what I mean about the "theme".  Its adorable though, and totally works on little girls.


This outfit is named "i'm Sealy!" haha


Those are a few of my favorite pics right now. I always will drool over the baby girl sections in the store, and if I end up that mom with all boys [which im pretty sure will happen, and i will love every second] at least I have 3 adorable little nieces in my life to spoil!



  1. Cute pics! I have to agree with you, I sometimes go into gymboree and see those 11/12 sizes and wonder what 11 year old would want to wear a shirt with little creatures all over it! lol. I think it's probably good for people who have girls who are big for their age or something I guess.

    1. Haha I never thought of it that way...let's hope that's the only reason :)

  2. Holy Moley so many cute options, love the chevron dress & the newborn tutu is so stinkin cute!!

  3. LOVE Etsy for clothes...and I definitely need that polkadot romper now too ;) Thanks for linking up!!