Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tot School

Were slowly trying to re-incorporate Tot school back into our routine. I used to be pretty good at doing some Tiny Tot school stuff. It helped Hudson learn his colors so fast! 

We actually do alot during the week. Hudson is learning how to use safety scissors, he loves glueing stuff. We play different alphabet games. We do lots of activities with shapes. Which he knows basically all his shapes now. Including octagon haha! I just never take pics of anything we do...Im to busy just playing and helping Hudson learn to pull out our camera. 

The other morning I did pull it out though. I try to let him have some fun sensory activities at least a couple times a week. We have done a few different rice sensory bins. They are so fun, but SO messy. I even died some rice green and yellow for st. Patricks day. Hudson LOVED it. 

He is getting pretty good at play-dough. He uses all his tools and makes impressions and cuts it and rolls it. This is usually what he does while I clean up the kitchen or cook. 

Another fun one we love is sorting pom-pom balls. At first I ask him to put them in the right color cups. He does really good for the first few minutes. 

As you can far so good!

Then he just gets to play with them. It turns into shoving them all in one cup, then another, then he will poor them. He does really good. Eventually they all end up on my floor though and we move on to a new activity. 

What are some of your favorite tot-school ideas/activities?
Most of mine come from a couple blogs, or Pinterest. Hudson loves the one on one time with mommy, and he is like a little sponge. He really is learning so much!!



  1. You are doing a great job with teaching him so much! Matthew learns a lot from preschool and he is loving play dough right now.

  2. Fun stuff! I'm a slacker mom on this sort of thing haha. My girls never get into playdough much----they are done after 5 minutes. I think because Raya plays with it every day she's at preschool so it's not exciting anymore. Brielle does love counting bears though. She also likes to play matching games/board games.