Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Time Bucket List

Spring is here people!!! maybe not technically until next week sometime at like 5 am.
Yesterday hit 73! :) and we spent the ENITRE day outside.
that means in my book spring is officially here and I could not be more stoked.
Especially because I am staying home now, which means me and Hudson get to have tons of fun every single day and I am not cooped up inside if I don't want to be. 

I have been wanting to make my own bucket list for a little while now. I was messing around on PicMonkey today and came up with this.

 I may have went a little crazy with the stickers, but they were so cute!

We officially crossed a few things off yesterday...but I plan on doing a post with pics for each thing we do. Looks like were just going to have to go to the park again. Darn ;)

 I am kinda sad, its supposed to rain & possibly snow on Sunday...grrr...but they say with the new warm temps nothing will stick. I am crossing my fingers just for rain so we can jump in some puddles!

Hows the weather where your at? Stoked for spring like me?? 


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