Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wanna Button Swap?

who wants to button swap?

I did this a while back and it was a great success. 
Then life happened.
Between moving in with my in-laws and saving for a house, getting a new schedule at work, working two jobs with a brand new baby & not having internet for a few months my blog sat on the back burner.
Sadly, it was neglected.

After a while I really started to miss it, to be honest the whole time I missed blogging.
This is my one place to share with others, my outlet if you will.
I don't journal [as much as I wish I did] so this is the next best thing.

Now that were in our house, were getting more and more set with our routine.
I have been getting back into the blog routine and I must say I love it.

I know my blog isn't big, that's not my intention for this blog either.
But it is pretty awesome getting comments from other bloggers, connecting in a way only imaginable with today's technology.  
Its like a big get together with all your best gal pals to gossip and just talk about anything and everything your passionate about [for me....my son :)].

So, on to what this post is really about...button swappin'.
I have a cute little button for my blog over on the right hand side ---->>>
The whole idea [which im positive you already know ;) but just in case] is you put my button on your blog, and ill add your button on mine!

Its totally free, and just a way for everyone to find other awesome bloggers.
Because, frankly that's usually how I meet/follow new blogs is by blog hopping from one blog to another.

So, if your interested leave me a comment if there is a button on your page, or you can email me imsimplymomma[at]gmail[dot]com

buttons are super easy to make by the way, I made mine using picmonkey :]

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