Thursday, July 19, 2012

my first instagram dump

Today will be my first official 'insta dump'.
I love looking back at my sweet little guy and our daily adventures.
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1.Hudson so excited to hold the big slurpee all by himself. 2. Fourth of July, very first time doing sparklers. 3. Proudly waving the American Flag at the parade. 4. Hudson & his cousin Quad running through the splash pad. 5. We went to the zoo with some friends. Hudson & Weston were little twinners. 6. Hudson & Weston on the alligator. 7. Just out playing in the rain. 8. This little man is OBSESSED with the vacuum 9. Their is nothing scarier then a toddler chasing you with the hose. 10. He had me laughing so hard he grabbed the clippers and 'clipped' his toe nails. 11. Eating eggs for breakfast. Those eyes kill me! 12. Little man was so upset we had to leave the pool. 13. Daddy's mini me...lord help me with that smile! 14. He loves the lawnmower is beyond obsessed with the lawnmower. We have to sit outside and watch anytime ANYONE in the circle mows their lawn, & if you don't? The tantrum from hell, I kid you not. 15. Hudson and his friends cooling off in the pool. 16. Wagon ride with the cousin Ella Mae. 17. Doing silly faces with momma. 18. 7-11 day free slurpee. 19. Cousin time, licking suckers from the bank. 20. Hudson & Ella going to check out the new splash pad.

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  1. I am going to start following you!!! He is too darn cute!!