Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Tour: Formal living room...scratch that. Play Room

This is supposed to be our formal living room.
One day it will be.
I have visions of how it will look. With color schemes, rugs, matching accent chairs. Ah. Beautiful.
One day lacie, one day.

For know though, Hudson has taken over.
It has become his play room and I am completely ok with that. It gives him a place to roam free, but close enough for me to keep an eye on him while I am cooking, doing dishes, etc.
Also, we look like the coolest parents ever whenever someone comes over.
Truth is, we just have no furniture to fill it.
We are still young people!



His slide has to be in the tent or he will freak out.

View from the door.

View from the stairs

looking in from kitchen. Hudson loves to stand on the bottom stair and jump off. He thinks he is pretty tough.

Our cute picture right when you walk in.

Love these! The picture from our wedding announcement is in the frame, and the top is a magnet board.

Hudson has fun, so I will take it this is his favorite room in the house. Mostly because the windows. He is such a creep and checks out the neighbors.

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