Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Tour: Hall Bathroom

This is our hall bathroom. I decided to theme this more for Hudson and the future kiddos. We went with a monster theme. A few of the wall pictures were in Hudson's room when we were living in our apartment.

A quick before


I love this green. Very  bright, but my favorite.

Our towel hooks. Got it in the dollar section at good old target!

Cute mirror and frames from Ikea. Monsters from my mother in law's circuit :)

Are they not just adorable!

Not sure what else will go in here, but im sure as the little gets older & we have more kiddos it will fill up quick.

love target, got my fun shower curtain and rug there! as well as the toy basket.

Hudsons little potty!

Im very pleased with this room! Turned out way cute. I think it will definitely last threw many years.

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