Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Tour: Family Room

This is our family room. Or TV room. Whatever you call it, it is where we spend most of our time.
A couple things I have learned since taking these pictures.
One, this little point and shoot camera kinda stinks. I need a new super nice one. That doesn't put random orbs in my pictures. One that would actually make things look good, instead of just blah. ugh...maybe one day.
And B, my walls look so bare! I knew they were skimpy. We have only had our home a few months, and we have years to fill it up and decorate. But WOW! skimpy skimpy. This makes me wanna go out and buy some shelves stat!
Most of our furniture is hand-me-down. The tv/entertainment center was given to us by Tanners parents. I love this thing. Before we moved we had an entertainment center from Ikea. It was great till Hudson came along. Everything, and I am talking EVERYTHING was at his fingertips. Cords, Tv, Movies, Buttons, Games, PlayStation. It was a constant battle to keep him out of it. This is perfect. It keeps everything locked away so tiny humans can't get those chubby little fingers on my stuff!
The side table holding our record player and my decorative ball thingees was my moms.
It matched so she gave it to us.
The couches we got online on KSL (like craigslist)
 They were practically new, and only used by a sweet older lady in her second home that she was going to sale. Score!
 I want a rug eventually.
When I find the perfect one that is.

If anyone has some ideas for the walls that would be great. The walls are just SO BIG. They fill empty I need something more to fill them in.

Here is before:


How out TV normally is, open

All closed up and hidden away! bwahahah

Love my "&" pillow. 5 bucks from the clearance at Target.

Wannabe collage wall. I promise it looks so much bigger/better in person!
Also, these black pillows used to be red/yellow checkered. I found a cute no-sew way to turn them into brand new throw pillows on pinterest. Viola, they are new!

The picture says " I love the way you love me"

The bean bag [bottom left corner] is usually right in the middle of the floor as Hudson likes to run and jump into it.

Just a cute brown/black picture from I got for Christmas.
It matches perfect and is hanging by the stairs.

Well, that is our cute room. Where I am currently sitting on the laptop typing this up.

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  1. I think it looks great! I love neutral colors and that & pillow is so cute!