Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Potty Time

Potty training.
Yup, its that time.
No, I didn't plan it.
No, I didn't make him.
Infact I wasn't even going to think about it till we got closer to 2.
Hudson, as per his usual, had to do things on his time.

Lets go back a few weeks, Hudson had just turned 15 months. He started telling us almost every time he went potty. Sometimes before, but usually right after he went potty. So I would sit him on our potty just to see what he would do. He was a little worried of it at first. But I got to thinking, if he is ready he is ready. On our next trip to target we got him his very own little frog potty. I told him how big boys go pee and poop in the potty, just like mommy and daddy. The very first day he went pee 4 times and even pooped once in the potty!! I could not believe it. We take Hudson to the potty right when we wakes up, & before bed time. Before and after he eats and every time he tells us he has to go. Most times he goes, sometimes he does not. As of now, I would say Hudson is about 80-90% potty trained. He obviously isn't potty trained through the night. So he will wake up with wet diapers. But during his nap he will usually wake up dry. His nap lasts around 1 1/2 hours. Hudson gets so so so excited to go potty like a big boy. I buy a tube of mini m&ms for when he goes potty. Its the perfect size treat to go potty, and it has really helped at grandmas house. He sometimes doesn't tell us when he is going if he is playing and doesn't want to stop...and I don't blame him. He is however very good at declaring he has to go at the hardest times. Like while driving, or in the middle of the store and the potty is clear up front! He holds it really well though. Usually he is still dry by the time we make it to the potty. He wears a pull up while out and about, and at grandmas. He is usually in big boy undies at home. Lately though, Hudson has had some poop problems. Lets just say we had to stock up on some prune juice. This isn't anything new, he has had issues since he was born. But this last week or so he hasn't wanted to go on the potty when he is doing number 2. I think it hurts him, and he gets embarrassed. Poor little guy. I'm hoping to get this worked out and get back to more potty and less diaper changes. I was getting spoiled!

As excited as I am to have Hudson become and even more big boy, its also sad that he isn't my little baby anymore!! I love watching him grow and learn new things though. It makes my momma heart so proud!


  1. Yay! I know I potty trained at 18 months, so it's definitely possible! I think I was even night trained before 2.

    Brielle is no where near ready....with Raya we did it at 2.5 years so I think I'll probably wait until then this time too. I'm kinda lazy though and think diapers are easier than remembering to take them to the potty LOL

  2. That is so awesome! Good for you guys. We're now a diaperless family after potty training three kids.