Friday, September 30, 2011

Were in Trouble

First off, look at that cute face! Ah
So I always knew we were in trouble. From the moment he got up on his knees and bunked his head on the plastic crib thingee minutes after being born. Then came the crawling at 4 1/2 months...the first steps at 6 1/2 months...oh boy I thought, what have we got ourselves into.

We used to be able to block and contain little man. In the front room we put the ottoman between the two couches, and he had a huge play yard. That is until a couple days ago he figured out how to climb the ottoman.

Then came today...Little man thought it would be funny to
climb out of his walker!
The one place I had left. The last place I could put him to grab a quick bite to eat.

So, of course like any mother of the year when your child is dangling off the side of his walker, you grab the camera!

In chronological order, as I just stood by ready to grab in case he were to fall. But I wanted to see what he would do before I "rescued" him from his escape.

 (So right after ^ this picture, I did grab his arm so he didn't completely face plant)

As he crawls away I can't help but laugh.

Because honestly what else do you do when your 8 month old decides to climb into, out of, and on to absolutely everything in your house?

Oh Hudson, your such a boy. I must admit im nervous what the next 18 years are going to bring me!

Love you to the moon and back!!

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