Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY baby food

If you don't make at least some of your baby food, you should! It is way easy, saves a lot of money, and is healthier for your little one.

I wasn't going to make my own, I had never even thought about it. Then I cam across this book.

 This book is awesome! Not only does it show you exactly how to make tons of baby food purees, it also gives you all the nutritional facts for each one. It also has recipes up until your child is a toddler. Honestly some of these I am dying to try and would make great family meals, or lunches for older kids.

Today I made some Apples for Hudson. But pretty much any food is the same, cook till its soft, puree, freeze, defrost feed. But this book gives you in depth instructions for tons and tons of food.

Step 1
Wash and rinse your apples

 Step 2
Cut apples into quarters and cut out seeds
 Step 3
Place apples cut side down on a microwave safe plate and microwave till soft. Usually takes me 5-6 min for 5 apples.
*careful they will be hot, you will want to let cool
 Step 4
Peel off the skin (sometimes it will peel right off, others I use a knife) and place in blender/food processor/baby food maker whatever it may be. I personally love the blender.
 Step 5
Blend to desired consistency
 Step 6
Poor into ice cube tray and freeze over night. After frozen I place in a freezer ziploc bag and label it with the name of food and the date they were made.
Step 7
When your ready to feed, pop a few ice cubes in a microwave safe dish (it makes it really easy to creat your own combos. Hudson's fave is carrots and peaches) and melt. It may be hot, so let cool or you can add some baby cereal with either juice/formula/breast milk to cool and thicken. If you don't like to microwave you could also put in the fridge the day before for it to un freeze, or steam using a baby bottle warmer.

Step 8

I'm so glad I decided to make my own baby food! I still do use jarred food, especially if were going to be out and it's just more convenient. But knowing exactly whats in your babies food makes you feel so much better about what your feeding them!

Happy baby food making! :D What were/are some of your babies favorite foods?


  1. I never did anything too fancy, but almost every fruit and vegetable. I also did roast or chicken cooked really tender and then pureed. Then I could give them some meat and a veggie for the meal. When they are ready, homemade soups and stews work out really good that way too. :)

  2. Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing.