Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY Halloween Owl Cupcakes

So I originally made these a few months back (hence only one semi decent picture).

I got the idea from a magazine, for the life of my I can't remember. I wanna say it was an old copy of Family Fun my mom had laying around. Although, there are numerous variations all over the web.

This is what me and my little sister came up with.

Cute huh?

I thought it was super appropriate seeing as Halloween will be here soon.

Cupcakes (we used a Betty Crocker boxed cake mix)
Oreos (we used uh-oh Oreos because we didn't think black went well with pink)
M&M's (I think when I make Halloween ones I will use reeces pieces)

For our cupcakes, after they cooled I put a messy thin layer of frosting so the Oreos had something to stick to. Then I put on the Oreos and I used a decorating icing pen I got at Walmart to make the "fur". We even made some evil eyebrows on one, and some glases on the other. Then you use the M&M's for the eyes, and turn an M&M on his side for the nose. Then, Ta-Da you have created a masterpiece!

This picture isn't the original one I got my idea from, but its very close! And its a bit more Halloween themed. This is what my next batch will look like.

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