Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Go To Baby Items

Now that I'm a momma, there are some products out there I have loved more then anything and would 100% recommend to any new mom. I picked a few to share today.

#1. Mesh Feeders
These are my all time favorite baby item ever! They help baby learn to chew, and lets them safely explore new foods. It was invited by a man whose child choked to death [I can not even imagine :( ]. I put everything in these, all types of fruits and veggies. They can be raw, frozen or cooked. Frozen fruit and ice cubes are perfect for teething babies. Also, our little guy hates pedialyte, but he loves the frozen pedialyte pops. So we put chunks in here when he is sick.

#2. Rock and play sleeper
When my mom first got this for me, I wasn't to sure about it. But I will now always have one of these for any more kids I have. They are amazing. They can sit right next to your bed at night, and little guy is belted in so you don't have to worry about them falling or rolling over. It rocks if they start to wake. It has an incline for baby to lay, which is a lifesaver if your little one has reflux like mine did. It literally folds flat for storage and travel. And its small enough I could push it from room to room if he was sleeping while I was cleaning, showering, etc. 

#3. Bottle Warmer
I loved this bottle warmer! My mother in law gave it to us and it was perfect especially for late night feedings. There is a cooler in the back that holds 2 bottles. So you can make the bottles before you go to bed (could be breast milk or formula) and leave them in there for up to 12 hours. The side has to glass containers you measure water in to put in the steamer when you warm your bottle. What I did was put the water in those so in the middle of the night we just had to grab a bottle and poor the water in and steam. Made the Hubs a lot happier. 

#4 Twinkle Twinkle Scout
This little dog rocks! It has a whole bunch of nap time songs and lullabies to play when little one falls asleep. But my absolute favorite part is the nature sounds. Puts our little guy right to sleep! I think we honestly use it every night.

#5 Bottle Brush
I know I know, simple enough. But who doesn't  love these?? They work with every bottle and sippy cup. Also, they work wonders on those mesh feeders I told you about.

#6. Car Seat Cover
This lover cover was made by my hubs, yup you heard me right. He is the creative sewer in this family. These are perfect. Not only are they helpful in those winter months, they also help keep out prying bystanders at the grocery store & yucky germs from kids drippy sneezy noses.

So that's my list. There are definitely more, but these are my top go-to ones! What are some of your favorite baby items? Maybe some baby items you could definitely live with out?

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    Twilight Turtle! This thing is amazing, it projects stars onto the ceiling to help put kids to sleep. It is ESPECIALLY great for kids who get bad dreams, they just push a button and it is instant distraction and soothing!

    Sleep sheep. This goes great with the twilight turtle, it is basically just a cute little noisemaker to help put a baby to sleep.

    Angel care baby monitor. AMAZING. You put a sensor underneath the mattress and if the baby stops breathing, an alarm goes off. Perfect for preventing SIDS, and it also helps give you peace of mind knowing that you will know if something goes wrong with your baby.

    Video great. I personally think it is really important to have the baby in his/her own room after a few months so they don't get in the habit of ALWAYS sleeping with their parents. (I've seen 8-10 year olds who still have this habit. Bad habit.) You can see everything the baby does. Love it.

    Diaper Pail:

    I personally like this better than the diaper genie, because you just flip it over to dispose the diaper, so it is never actually opened. It keeps the scent in way better.

    Scented diaper trash bags for on the go. Amazing for when you aren't near a trash can, and they keep the stink down to a minimum.

    Snack Trap:

    Perfect for when baby starts eating solids and snacks like cheerios and goldfish. They can dump it upside down and it won't spill!

    Dr. Brown's Bottles:

    SO ANNOYING to wash, because there is about 5 pieces that need to be washed individually for each bottle, but amazing for baby, because it keeps the air swallowed down to a minimum.

    Self-feeding Bottle Straw:

    These are so great! Perfect for when baby is hungry but they can't quite hold the bottle themselves yet and you are super busy.