Thursday, September 22, 2011


So stupid Facebook. Someone created a fake account for The Hubs (turns out friends who thought they were funny). So someone told me I had a fake one floating around too. So I got all freaked and reported it. so smart. Cuz this other Facebook was the page I created for this blog. Wow, go me! Anyways, its going to be deleted in a few days so I did a new one and made sure it was correctly connected to my current Facebook page. So, if you have already liked my Facebook, im going to have to ask you to like it again! That way you can get all my updates from Facebook. Sorry for the trouble....but don't worry. Right on the right hand side of this blog you can see a "like me on facebook" so i've made it super easy for you. You can also follow me right here on the blog by clicking "join this site". Sorry for my blonde moment of the week!

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