Monday, September 26, 2011

Please & Thank You


Is it really that hard?

I hate that we live in a time where manners are becoming obsolete. I feel so bad for our children, and they world they will grow up in if things don't change.

At subway they have a sign that reads "I'm sorry, but if your on your phone we are unable to assist you". I Freaking love it. I wish my work would let me post this. At {one of} my job, im a teller at a bank. People can be so inconsiderate. I hate it. A good majority of people come to the drive thru on their phones, and completely ignore you. So I try talking to them and it's like im talking to the air. Or better yet, they windows are rolled up so I can't even say hi to the air. Oh, and the best yet is when they get mad at you for trying to interact with them because god forbid I do my job and say hi. ugh.

Then, at my other job...oh my other job {waitress}. I could seriously write a book on my stories. The thing that erks me the most at this job are parents. Now, before I say this I completely understand that sometimes children throw fits and there is nothing you can do, they are just in a mood. I get it. I'm talking about those parents who let their kids run wild in a restaurant where I'm walking around with heavy trays of food, and hot skillets. Those parents who get so upset and rude towards their children for their lack in discipline. If your sitting at your table and trying to order and your child is jumping up and down on the seats and won't sit still, well it's because you let them at home so that's what they know to be ok & when you get upset at your child for not saying please/thank you, well guess what. You didn't say it either. Children learn by example. Obviously you only make them say this when someone else is around. And believe me, I've seen enough families to know if you are polite, quiet, well mannered mommy and daddy, 9 out of 10 times so are your children.

One thing that terrifies me are the way children behave. My sister is in 5th grade and when I go pick her up after school im appalled. The things kids say and talk about are worse then things I did or said in High School! I hate more then anything in the world when people let their children swear at a young age. Sure its funny when your 2 1/2 year old blurts out the sh** word, but laugh behind their backs! If you let them see it, they will keep doing it thinking you like it because it makes you laugh. Then they grow up thinking its ok. It is not ok. Little kids should not ever use this language. Kids are to innocent, and they should think the world is magical and that they can do/be anything they want. Let life be fun and happy. I've seen to many kids whose parents never stopped them from swearing and it became a problem later in life. I don't think those kids ever stopped swearing. & along with swearing, flipping people off. I personally think it is ugly. I have honestly only ever flipped one person off, and believed me he deserved it.

Chivalry, Where oh where did it go?? I was leaving the store the other day, with Hudson in one arm, and a diaper bag and store bag in the other. Some guy just rushes right by me and pushes the door open and it shuts right on my face. I politely called after him "thank you". but I don't think he heard me.

Older gentleman are usually the sweetest and most polite people I meet. I love it. And its all in how they are raised. Last year, I was extremely pregnant and driving to work after a snow storm. I was driving a back road by bangeter. I was going about 15, my tire hit an ice patch and did a 360 across the street to the other side. I ended up in a ditch and couldn't get a out. I think about 20-25 cars passed me. {thanks for the help guys} Then finally this sweet older gentleman and what I assume to be his grandson pulled over and came and pushed my car out. They just tipped their cowboy hats and were on their way. I will be forever greatfull. This gives me some hope for our future. I just wanted to go thank their mommas for raising wonderful men!

Thank you mom, for teaching me manners. Making me say my please's and thank you's. Showing common courtesy to people. & loving your family. You better believe I will teach Hudson how to be a great young man!

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