Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Swore I Wouldn't Let It Happen

But I did.

And I can't help myself. Its been my addiction for the last, almost 2 hours.


If you have not got a chance to check this site out yet, stop reading and go do it now! Be warned though, you will loose hours of your life. That being said, this site is genius. I can't tell you how many folders and bookmarks I have on my computer of things I find online. I'll bet a good 97% of those I never look at again. But to have a place to organize all my ideas, inspirations, and DIY tips is amazing. This has got to be my new favorite site....well at least a close second.  

Here is just a tid bit of some stuff I pinned today!

So, go ahead take a look around. I promise you will find something you love and something to inspire you.