Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet, well me!

Me, my mother & my father, I still can't believe i let them do that to my hair!

Well, seeing as your reading all about my and my life I thought you would like to actually get to know me.

My name is Lacie, and I was born on August 17th. Leo! I have two of the best parents in the world & a little sister named Jaida. I always wanted a sibling and finally gave up. Then when I was 11 my parents told me they were having a baby!

My favorite color is Lime green & my favorite food is Mexican. I can't pick a favorite movie or song or band for the life of me. It seriously changes daily. But I love almost any kind of music, I've been on a country kick lately. As for movies, as long as it isn't scary I'm good. I'm way to impressionable. I watch ghost hunters or the Halloween episode of Psyche and I have nightmares.

Growing up I loved playing with friends. Ice cream trucks. Elvis. Digging to China. Baseball. Dance. Going to Hollywood Connections. And, being a big sister.

I have never been on an airplane. And the first time I saw the ocean was in April 2010. It was La Push beach in Washington state. My Hubby doesn't think this counts since it wasn't a warm sandy beach.

I graduated High School in 2007

I meet my Hubby in high school. He was in a band, played guitar. What wasn't to love?

Isn't he a hottie?
Me and the Hubster dated from June 4th 2005 till May 15th 2010, that's the night he proposed. He proposed on hill overlooking the entire valley the night after he played a little show. It was perfect!

We got married on July 3 2010 :D

Also, my very favorite ladies and best friends were my bridesmaids at my wedding! Tiffany, Bethany, Janessa, My sister Jaida. And of course my little flower girl Keira (tiffs little one)

We had our amazing son on January 24th 2011

My family is my rock. I love them to pieces!!! My mom and sister are my best friends!

After high school I became a Master Esthetician. I ended up getting a full time job at a bank after a long hard time searching for a job at a spa with enough hours for me (this economy..pretty much wasn't happinin unless I wanted to commute an hour each way a day, or had more experience) So I got a job at bank to help with bills while Tanner was finishing an internship. Then the marriage and baby came, since Tanner is an independent contractor I had to stay, alot for insurance reasons. But soon were hoping I can finally take that leap and open my own esthetics business. Fingers crossed.

Im a twi-hard like you wouldn't believe. Team Edward all the way!!
One of my best friends family lives in Washington, we went up to visit and gave ourselves the tour all around forks/la push. It was awesome!

I hope to have 3 kids. I would love 1 boy 1 girl, and the third a surprise.

I'm a total worry wort. As is every other women in my family. So I feel completely rationalized when im around them.

I have an obsession with fireworks! (hence the practically 4th of July wedding)

I've never been to a "high school" party. & had/have no desire to.

I've had my heart broken, and it took a long time to heal.

My favorite number is 2.

I'm pretty plain and would probably pick vanilla ice cream over anything.

Overall this is me, probably more then you ever wanted to know actually. I love my family, nothing is more important than them. I hope for big things in my future. I have lots of plans!!


  1. I would just like to say I LOVE THE FIRST PICTURE! All my mom ever did to my hair was make me into Shirley temple.

  2. Yay, I can comment now :-)