Monday, October 24, 2011

9 months!

How bitter sweet a day! Today my little man turns 9 months old. He has now (well, almost cuz he was late haha) spent more time out in the world then in belly. I don't know why but that is hard for me!!! It makes me feel like he isn't my new little baby anymore. He has officially been in my life for 18 months!!! That is just so crazy.

He is walking and climbing on everything, babling and making 'raspberries', says dada, baba, bye bye, and sometimes mama ;) He can now sign the word milk as well! Its so exciting!

Love you so much little man!

From this....

 To this in just 9 months (well...almost, you were a little older in the ultrasound)

And then from this....

To this in 9 months!

And just because your cute