Saturday, October 8, 2011

8 week body restart detox and cleanse

So things have not been ok since Hudson was born. Not horrible by any means, just not great with me and my body.

Not only did I gain a ridiculous amount of weight, I can't loose any of it. & Since I had Hudson my body just does not feel right. I'm way more tired then I ever used to be, I have been getting really dizzy and light headed. I have no energy. And I know alot of these symptoms can come from just the lack of sleep as a new mom, but it got worse not better as Hudson got older.

I went and got a big ol' blood test done, and all my levels came back pretty normal. Except for my vitamin D was very low & my cholesterol levels were on the low side. Which is great for the bad kind, but not so great cuz my good cholesterol was low too.

I'm now on a Vitamin D supplement and Vitamin B for some energy. The doctors office I go to I love! They focus more on the cause of your problem, not just treating your symptoms. They also promote going a more natural way then with prescriptions. I love this factor alot! I think you need a healthy balance between natural and western medical. If I broke a bone for example, I would go to the E.R. but if I have low energy I'm gonna go talk to someone about getting my body back in check.

My doctor asked me how aggressive I wanted to be at feeling normal again. I said at this point I need to do something for me. I wanna loose this baby weight, I wanna have energy again, I wanna feel normal again. So im doing a total body restart 8 week detox and cleanse.

I'm really nervous and hope I can do this, but something needs to be done. The first 2 weeks are supposed to be the hardest. I can only have: chicken, turkey, fish, any veggies (except potato and corn), any nuts (except peanuts), and can drink water, almond milk, coconut milk, green tea, or can make my own veggie juices. Then the next 2 weeks you add in fruit, then the next 2 you add in beans, then the last 2 you add in whole grains. & on top of all that, I'm taking some more supplements. So that means no red meats, dairy, carbs or sugar for at least 8 weeks! (why did I ever agree to this?)
Tanner refuses to do it with me, since this will go over Thanksgiving. But he has promised to be 100% supportive and he will eat my healthy dinner meals :D

Now, I will try my best to do good with this, but my doctor even said to be perfect you would need to go totally raw-vegan which I could/would never do. When she does this cleanse she says once in a while she might "cheat". As in, she might have some BBQ sauce or an Asian sauce in a stir fry that has some sugar in it, or something of the sort. I know that I'll be cutting out absolutely everything else, so it's ok in very very little moderation.

This weekend will include lots of taco bell and mac & cheese for sure! (my all time favorites) Then, Monday is the big day! Be sure to check in and see how i'm doing! I'll be sure to post some updates throughout.

Also, I have lost my camera cord :( I had some adorable pics of Hudson and his cousin Ella, but those will have to wait till I clean this messy room!


  1. Good luck sweetie, you can do it!! and I hope you get to feeling some what normal soon !!

  2. Oh my goodness good luck! Sounds hard but I bet you will do great!

  3. Thanks guys!! It will be hard, but sooo worth it

  4. Good luck! I don't know if you were reading my blog back then, but a couple months after Brielle was born I signed up for Weight Watchers online....I had never done Weight Watchers before but I loved it. It felt so easy and I didn't feel deprived at all...I ended up losing almost 30 lbs in a short time...losing 2-5lbs a week. Once I hit my goal weight I cancelled my online membership and now I just loosely follow it on my own. It's something pretty easy to follow long term. I don't have the willpower to follow something more hardcore LOL


  5. Good luck. These really restrictive detox's are hard but you will feel good when you're done. My husband and I recently did a 3 day juice (fresh juiced veggies w some fruit) fast. It was hard.