Friday, November 11, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


What can I say? I'm a little excited :D

This is the second time I have won a blog giveaway (from different blogs) and its still so exciting.

One of my favortie blogs (click here) Did a giveaway from her Etsy shop (click here) and I got 2nd place! I had already planned on ordering Hudson's birthday shirt from her, now I won it! How awesome. (I'm still debating if I want to share Hudsons birthday theme yet...I have had it for months now, but I kinda wanna make it a surprise. We shall see). She has 2 super adorable girls, and one is just a few days older then Hudson. So go check her out and show her some love.

Thanks Shawna, you rock!

Also, I really wanna start this whole Christmas book count down to Christmas tradition (If you havent heard of it, check it out on pinterest...or pretty much any blog ;) ) Basically you wrap up 25 Christmas books and you open one each day and read to count down to Christmas. I have bough 3 so far, but books are darn expensive! If anyone in the Northern Utah area knows of a great used book store please let me know!


  1. :) love it! I was so excited when I won a blog giveaway as well. and the odds are SO MUCH BETTER! Thanks for visiting my blog, if you didn't already enter the Target Giftcard giveaway, it's still up for a few days!

  2. Yay--glad you won! Thanks for giving my store a shout out :-)