Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving pictures

As promised, some pictures from Thanksgiving!

I was really bummed. I got to Thanksgiving dinner ready to take a bazillion pictures, but literally 2 pictures into it my battery died. But I managed to get a few with my phone. I have a super old phone though, with a sucky camera but they will have to do!

 Our little family Thanksgiving 2011. Of course Hudson had to get his cute outfit dirty, but its ok Toy Story shirt was still way cute!
 My sister, Mom, and I
 My mom & dad
 Me and the hubs, stuffed
 My cute cousin Tayshia, with her boyfriend Jerry
 My Aunt Shantel, and uncle Dean with Hudson
 My fave cousin Ty
 Mmmmm stuffing!
love this face :D
 Just bein cheesy at the dinner table
 Hudson and grandma

My grandma in the purple, and uncle next to her!
The only one I didn't manage to get a picture of was my grandpa :/ who was in the other room with the Cowboys game on

Now this video I have been wanting to post for a little while, Its a few weeks old but he is now a walking machine!
(sorry its blurry..again from my phone! I need to upload all of our flip videos...I fail)

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