Monday, November 14, 2011

Meet the Hubby

So Ive started this post a bazillion times, but wasn't sure exactly how to write it. But im gonna wing it that seems to work best anyways.
*pre warning, some of these pics are old, and I had to steel them off of facebook, and myspace none the less! So the quality is awful*

This is Tanner, the hubby.
My awesome husband was born on June 11th. He has 2 older brothers. And wasn't supposed to live when he was born. [tragic NICU story, but alas he is here alive and well :) and I couldn't be happier]

Tanners early years I only know through stories. He was your typical boy. Lots of trouble making,bike rides,  trips to see family in Arizona. Went to Disneyland, hawaii and a few cruises. and of course music.

Tanner taught himself to play guitar when he was, I believe, 13/14? He is one of those lucky people who can seriously pick up any instrument and play it. He was in many bands throughout his teen years and still does some side projects now. That is how I got my first crush on him, his band played the talent show. His love for music, and thanks in large part to my finding the perfect school for him, led him to Audio Engineering. He was in Arizona for 9 months to finish his schooling, and came back to Utah to do an internship. Right now he is working in a studio. He is not recording much music now...but working on it. And hopefully one day soon he will be an official Audio Engineer/Technician :) (these are some of his music/band pics)

This is when he is happiest, behind a consel

This was in Washington, at the music museum.
 This was one of his earlier bands, I believe they were called "the written"
At practice.
 This was one of the more recent bands "Make Me Shake"
 This was actually the night he proposed, right after this show. ;)
 They actually pulled in some big crowds....or whoever they were opening for did ;)
lets just say it was them.
Aww...First pro band pics

& his love for music continues for concerts...crazy person I tell you. Front row (3rd from bottom left)
at the BASH (thousands of people!)

Tanner is one of those guys that gets along well with everyone. He can make you laugh not matter how mad at him you are.

He loves the random things in life. He enjoys is addicted to call of duty, and you tube videos.

He likes the colors blue and green. Is obsessed with peanut butter. & eats from taco carts (ewww sick nasty!)

When Tanner was 15 years old he met the love of his life ;) Our first date was very random, cheesey, and totally unexpected. I was pretty down, (recent brake up, teen drama, new job, etc, etc). So my two good friends [tiff and austin] knew I had a crush on Tanner so they took me 'out'. We went to his house then we all when driving around. We played at a park, went to the DI (thrift store), and a bunch of sillyness. Part way through the night he grabbed my hand. butterflies. I had never held hands with anyone that wasn't already my "boyfriend". And at the end of the night he walked me to the door, and kissed me! Also, let me keep his jacket (ok more like I wouldn't give it back so I had an excuse to see him again). Pretty soon we were officially bf/gf and the rest is history.
These pics from our first date are ridiculous. HAHA, why didn't anyone tell me I looked ridiculous? oh right, I was 15, they told me I just didn't listen because I thought I was HOT!

This is my best friend Tiff...Awww. So Emo!

 See that ^ were holding hands. Precious.

These next few pics are just some pictures of us dating through out the years
 this was taken at a concert, 80's throwback we went to with my parents.
 Being his cheesy self
 Believe it or not, im helping him do packets so he doesn't have to go to summer school. Tsk Tsk.
 I believe this was homecoming :)
 Good ol' High school.
 I believe this was at my grandmas christmas dinner.
 We got our caricatures done in  Park City.

 New Years 09
 gross...get a room!

 He was "hijacking" a police car in Forks Washington
 We went to Washington, so ofcourse I had to go to Forks! He hates twilight but I caught this pic of him smiling..haha "teem carlisle!"

 My VERY FIRST time seeing the ocean!

 Thats my boys..well 2 of em. Our puppy dog greeley :D our first baby!

 Right after he proposed..looking over the whole Utah Valley. He was so nervous he didn't even get down on his knee..and kind of froze. so cute.
 Our Engagements

7/3/10 best day ever

When we found out we were expecting, he was so happy. He is so great with Hudson, and just loves him so much! Its so fun to watch a father and son bond!

I couldn't ask for a better father, husband, and best friend!


  1. awww...that was cute :-)


  2. wow, you had never seen the ocean? I guess I take it for granted.. I live in New Zealand which is tiny! population of 4 million n i live about 4 minutes from the ocean!