Monday, November 28, 2011

I am blank because....

This post has been poppin its head around 'blogland' for a while now & I feel like joining in the fun!

I'm weird because...
I hate any and all condiments [except BBQ sauce]
I am a stickler to expiration dates
I prefer to sleep with sheets over blankets
I hate Styrofoam. Even just typing the word made me cringe
I can't sing, but I put on a show in my car
I have never flipped anyone off, I find it ugly
I spray the shower walls and floor with water before I step in, to check for spiders
If I could I would live off of mac&cheese

I'm a bad friend because...
After becoming a mom & working I don't have much time to go out
I sometimes forget to text or call back
I never ever check my voice mails

I'm a good friend because...
I always have time to listen to a friend in need
I cherish all my friends, they are my family
I love to be silly & have a good time
My friends kids are my nieces and nephews, and I love to spoil them
I rarely every break plans to go out!

I'm sad because...
Me and the Hubs both are working 2 jobs right now
We haven't heard back on our house we put an offer in
I tend to dwell on the small things that get me down
There a few friends that I know longer keep in contact with, and badly wish we still did
Hudson will be 1 in just under 2 months, he is growing way to fast

I'm happy because...
I have a happy healthy loving family
I only have to work part time, so I at least get mornings with my little man
That me and the hubs are in a position to try to buy our first home
That Hudson at least loves to snuggle with me when he is going to bed
That Hudson now blows kisses. Cutest thing in the world

I'm excited for...
Holiday season, and celebrating all of Hudson's firsts
Making our first family Christmas card
Seeing all my family at holiday parties
Tanners grandmas shrimp night! yum
Putting up our tree with all of our new decorations


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