Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hudson 3 year update

I still cant believe you are 3 years old! Its gone by in the blink of an eye. This age is really fun, exciting and challenging. I love that we can communicate so well, and that your big enough to do and 'get' certain toys. Your so independent, yet your still small enough to need me :) But...boy oh boy is this a challenigng age! People say its terrible way! Its the 3's you gotta worry about. I can handle the getting into things and what not that come with 2. At 3 your starting to talk back, and test your boundaries more, and its a little rough. Your lucky your so dang cute, and that you say things like "mom I love you bigger then the garbage trucks" and "porters my best friend, i love him" that make me forget all the times I wanted to yell at you that day. lol  We love you little man!! 

Weight: 30lbs on the home scale. We don't have your 3 week check for a few weeks 
Height: [according to home scale] 36 Inches
Teeth: all of the ones you need right now :) had a dentist appointment and everything looks great.
Clothes: 3t all around
Shoe: 9
Hair: still our little blondie.
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods: you like biscuits and gravy, waffles, chili, fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, and recently an obsession with cereal but it has to be dry.
Favorite toys:  still a truck guy!
Favorite activities: you love to play play-dough and are pretty awesome at it! You enjoy puzzles, and trucks, and cutting and glueing

 What you've been up to:

  • You had your 3rd dentist appointment the other day. You did AWESOME!! The first to visits you would never sit in the chair, but this time you let them clean/brush/floss your teeth, do x-rays, and let the dentist check all your teeth. No cavities :) yay! lets keep it that way. 
  • Your just growing and growing before our eyes, you talk perfectly. Anyone can understand everything you say and we constantly have people tell us how well you talk  
  • Were starting to work on letter recognition. You know the letters H, T, L, P, J and sometimes A, B, O, and X
  • You can draw an H with no problem, you also can draw a T.
  • Your asthma is a little worse in the winter, We've had to put you on a daily inhaler, as well as the rescue inhaler and a singular pill every day. It sucks! But ill do anything to help you breath a little better. 
  • Your the sweetest big brother ever. You love to give Porter hugs and kisses and tell him "good morning sunshine"
  • Your a youtube addict! You love to watch videos of construction trucks & garbage trucks. You watch the shaytards vlogs, and you love to watch music videos.
  • The saddest thing EVER happened a few weeks ago. We had all fallen asleep in your room. Normally if you wake up in the middle of the night, you come into our room. Well since we were all in your room we weren't in our room. I got up around 3ish in the morning to feed Porter. I woke up and you were GONE! my heart dropped, I woke up Tanner and we started looking for you. That was the worst like 2 min of my life. You were downstairs on the couch asleep by the front window. Me and your dad were wondering if you were looking for us in the middle of the night. I couldn't really sleep, I was worried you were scared. When you woke up we didn't say anything about it, we wanted to see if you remembered anything. You sure did! You said " mom, when it was dark time you leaved me and I was waiting for you to come home" BREAK. MY. HEART. I started bawling. I told you how we were in his room with him and that we would never ever ever leave him. I told him it was silly that he didn't see us, and if he ever cant find us to just yell mom where are you. A little while later I sat on the couch and there was a little yogurt half eaten behind the cushion. Hudson then told me that " mom when you was sleeping in my room I got a yogurt when I couldn't find you". Im glad to know if you ever got left home you would just grab some food and wait by the window for us...but man, it still breaks my heart just to think about it. 
  • You have a hard time with the "f" sound. Im not to worried because I know you can make the sound because you say clifford just fine. But you pronounce food as sood and for as tor. 
  • You love to cut and glue. Ill sit yo at the table with a stack of papers, glue, and your scissors and your content just crafting away for a long time and always make the cutest stuff. You also love to paint.
  • You have become a personal friend with our garbage man Travis. We wave to him every Thursday, and you even gave him a Valentines. I cant wait till its not snowy and cold and we can go outside and play and say Hi to him in the mornings. 
  • We got rid of cable a while back, so we only have Netflix. I was a little worried because you loved all the disney Jr shows. But luckily we have found some favorites on netflix. You love Handy Manny, Caillou, Jake and Neverland Pirates, Daniel Tiger, Phineas & Ferb and all the weird discovery TV dinosaur shows. Ill be glad when the air quality gets better and we can spend more time outside. Between the air, me being prego, and a new baby you have gotten more tv time then I like to admit ;) 
  • You love puzzles and are getting pretty good! You also rock at play-dough. Sometimes I think your to small to get the play-dough toys/molds, but you do it all perfect. 
you make the best faces!

at your dentist appointment. It was crazy hat day, and this is the one you chose

giving travis the garbage man his valentine

Just being a pirate

playing in the snow

painting away

you love to use Porters rock n' play as a lounge chair

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playing at air bourn trampoline

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