Monday, February 3, 2014

Hudson's Birthday Celebrations

Huddy Buddy is 3! 

This years birthday celebrations were a little more low key. Things have been hectic with the new baby, and the few plans we did have fell through last minute. I was a little bummed we werent going to do a big party for you, but I think we made your day extra special that you wont mind. We have thrown around the idea of starting to celebrate your "1/2" birthday, just so we can have some fun outdoor parties and it will give some space between christmas and your birthday! I know this will be the plan once your in school for sure. We will see how we feel come summer, you still got pretty spoiled this birthday already :)

The sunday before your birthday, at church your nursery class made you a cute crown and sang you happy birthday. You came home so excited it was cute! Then that night we had dinner with dads side of the family and your cousin Ella Mae. Grandma Rhonda asked what kind of cake you wanted, you said a garbage truck cake. So, she made you a garbage truck cake, and you got to open a few presents. You got a garbage truck,  a bulldozer, and some clothes from grandma Rhonda. Mor mor and Far far got you a police swat truck.

On Your actual birthday, I made you a special birthday breakfast. Waffles with frosting and a candle and we sang happy birthday to you :) We also gave you our presents. You got hulk smash gloves, and a spiderman watch. You have been asking for a spiderman watch for a while (rocktard from the shaytards got one for christmas, and were pretty sure thats where you got the idea for it) You loved it, its so cute! You also can destroy our house in seconds with your hulk gloves. That night we took you to the dinosaur museum. We got a pass for christmas, and am so excited to use it all year long!

The Saturday after your birthday we had my parents, and grandma shirley, and aunt shantell over for cake and presents. Grandma Jamie made you a dump-truck cake. She saw one on Pinterest a few weeks back and had been dying to make it for you! It turned out great & you loved it. You got a big excavator that moves and drives, a helmet, coloring books, and a remote control plane from grandma Jamie, papa dusty, and aunt Jaida. Grandma Shirly and Aunt Shantell got you play-dough garbage truck and construction truck toys with lots of extra play dough! You have played with those EVERY day. You are so good with paly-dough. Then that night grandma Jamie, per tradition, took us out to dinner. We went to Chuck-e-cheese. You had a blast. Your favorite games were riding the monster truck and the shooting game. However you ROCKED at the basketball hoops!

Also, every time you blew out candles on a cake, you wished for the same two things. Your big excavator toy, and a penny! HAHA so cute...needless to say, your wishes came true.

I hope you had a fabulous week of celebrations little dude! I still cant believe your 3!!
Your cute birthday crown from church

The garbage truck cake

cousin Ella had to sit right by Hudson, and yes..she did her own make up so cute!!

Birthday breakfast!

I love these genuine smiles from opening your present :) your the sweetest

The dump truck cake

Right before we left for the Dinosaur museum, you put on your spiderman watch and when I asked to take a picture of you in it you broke out into this cute photo posing session. Each pose its totally your own, and the leg up thing is your new "go to" pose when I ask to take your pictures haha

At chuck e cheese with aunt jaida

Cute birthday jammies!

Dinosaur museum fun

Our cute crazy family

birthday loot from grandma/grandpa Higley

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