Thursday, April 3, 2014

Porter 3 months old!

Oh little man! I totally missed your 2 month update, and Im late on your 3 month update! We have had a pretty crazy couple of months, and I hope you can forgive me ;)  I did do pictures for 2 & 3 months though, Ill get those up as soon as I can. You officially turned 3 months on March 16th.

SLEEPING: You sleep just like your brother. Sleep pretty great at night, but you only cat nap during the day!! You will usually go to bed around 9-ish then I "sleep feed" you before I go to bed (anywhere from 11-12). You usually get up 2-3 times during the night. But your pretty easy, you don't cry just more fuss a little. That usually wakes me up and I nurse you until you fall back asleep. Were up for the day around 7-ish. Then your sleeping is whenever and wherever for the day. lol If I put you in your sling carrier I can get a 1-2 hour nap out of you though! 

EATING:  You are still exclusively breast fed. You eat every 1-3 hours. Its hard, but im so glad I stuck it out this time :) I love being able to nurse you. You are NOT a bottle fan. You have had a couple bottles. But it takes you forever to eat even an oz. Not sure when we will start solids. Im thinking maybe a little closer to 6 months before we start. 

MILESTONES:  Your starting to like belly time a little more. On 3/16/13 you rolled over from your belly to your back! It shocked us all, because usually you would just cry the whole time but we put you down and you rolled over! You smile all the time, and do little 'laughs'. Still waiting on those belly giggles though. 

Weight: just over 13 lbs
Height: not sure till your next doc apt. 
Diaper size: 2
clothing size: 0-3 month are all put away. You were 3/6-6 month clothes perfect. A few 6-9 months depending on the brand. 
Hair: falling out :( you don't have to much hair, but what you do have is reddish
Eyes: the prettiest blue!

  • You love to get undressed, and have your diaper changed. You smile the whole time.
  • You hate the car still, unless your sleeping or were going fast. 
  • You love bath time. You just smile and relax. I try to get you to splash, you will for a moment but your not to into right now
  • You  have your your first virus (3.30.14), runny nose, congestion, cough :( Doctor saw you and said to just wait it out. You hate getting your nose sucked out though. 
  • You are starting to chew everything and drool so much! (maybe some teeth in the future?)
  • You love your momma and being held and cuddled :) 
  • You are tolerating some of your play things longer; like the swing, bouncer, playmat, and bumbo. Just not for too long.
  • You have your brother wrapped around your finger. That boy would do anything for you.
  • You have been out and about a lot. We have gone to the dinosaur museum, aquarium, library, shopping. You do great if your in your sling. 
best buddies

you could sleep all day in here

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  1. Adorable!! I love how Hudson loves him so much. They are going to be best buds!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!