Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hudsons Surgery

Hudson had surgery on March 3 to have his tonsils and adenoids out. 
Back in november Hudson got a pretty nasty cold. He never really got over it. Then one night I thought he was getting sick again because he sounded so congested. It kept getting worse over the next couple weeks. Hudson wasn't sick. He started snoring. It got so bad he would stop breathing and developed sleep apnea. I knew when it happened we would probably need to get his tonsils out. I had mine out at 9 months old because they would completely block my air way, and my sister had hers out at 6 years old for the same reason. 

Right after porter was born we took him into the pediatrician for a billirubin check. The doctor asked how hudson was and I told him what had been going on. He was so nice and took a look in his throat and said his tonsils were a 3+ (they rate them out of 5 I believe). He said normally they would do a sleep study, but given our history and how we had been sleeping on the couch so many nights because him sitting up was the only way he would breath somewhat normal and not stop breathing. He gave us a referral to go see an ENT. That was in December. I knew we needed to go see one, but I was so nervous for him. I put it off till February. Then finally I got sick of the couch, and snoring, and gasping for air that I made the appointment. We went in, the doctor looked in his throat and after telling him about everything he confirmed they would need to come out. He said we could wait, and see if he 'grows in to them' but it sounds like it wasn't an if option, but more of a when they would come out. Now or later. I started bawling right there in the ENT office. The doctor felt bad. I knew its what needed to happen, I knew before we even went to the doctors. But having him confirm it, and knowing my baby would have to have surgery (then throw in new mom hormones, and no sleep) I lost it. We made the appointment for 10 days later! I could not believe how fast it was. 

We tried to prepare Hudson the best we could. I read every blog I could find about recovery. I knew it would be a rough road. They say its about 2-3 weeks before you are fully normal again, and at the weeks mark when the scabs start to come off its the hardest and most painful. Id say thats pretty true! We talked to Hudson very openly about what would happen, got hime a "good bye tonsils" book that I totally recommend. We took a tour of the hospital that was great. The nurse answered my 101 questions while some other nurses played with Hudson and showed him all the cool doctor tools. We took Hudson to the store and let him pick out tons of yummy treats for him to eat the next couple weeks. Lots of popsicles, jellos, ice cream, etc. The night before surgery hudson had a runny nose. I was worried they would make us delay surgery but they didn't. We had a little goodbye tonsil party the night before. We went out for pizza (hudsons choice) then had goodbye tonsils cupcakes. 

The part I was most worried about was the whole putting him under thing. Especially with his asthma. We gave him both inhalers the morning of though and he did great! We went to a children's hospital, and so glad we did. They have everything down to a science. When it was time for him to be wheeled away to the O.R. they gave him an I pad to play games on and he didn't even notice us say bye. The waiting room was nerve wracking, but then before we knew it he was out of surgery and waking up. We stayed a couple hours in the hospital just having him wake up, and try to drink. They told us to give him tylenol and ibuprofen (alternately every 3 hours) for pain management and then gave him a REALLY strong pain med incase he needed it. But apparently it can cause people to stop breathing right after surgery, so we opted to not give them to him right away unless he really needed it. 

When we got home hudson was grumpy and hungry. He managed to eat some jello's and popsicles. Then he took a LONG nap. Our neighbors brought us dinner that night and he woke up while we were eating asking to have some because he was starving. I felt SO bad, but it was to hard and spicy for him. I made him some mac & cheese and he ate the whole bowl! We were so impressed. The first few days he did AWESOME. He ate a ton, and was in pretty good spirits. Infact he would try to run around and we had to make him sit still so he could heal. The biggest thing you have to worry about is bleeding after this surgery, so we didn't want to risk the scabs coming off to early. 

By the week out mark, it got really rough. He was in LOTS of pain and complaining/whining a lot. he would wake up in the night crying. He didn't eat as much for a couple days, but thankfully we were able to keep enough fluids in him from getting dehydrated. There were a few times I probably could have given him the strong pain meds, but it made me worry to much so we just stuck to tylenol and ibuprofen. He got to the point he hated to liquid medicine, so grandma Jamie got him the melt-able pills and he loved those thank goodness!  Some of the food he ate a ton of and loved were biscs & gravy, mac & cheese, eggs, jello, applesauce, pudding, popsicles, slushies, and ice cream. Hudson also LOVED to chew gum. This was the best thing, and actually recommended by our doctor. It incourages blood flow and saliva to help healing. He had all the gum he wanted and was in heaven. 

During this whole ordeal his breath was HORRID! The doctor warned us that it would be bad, and there is nothing you can do. No amount of teeth brushing can make it go away. You just have to wait for the scabs to fall off. Thats how you know when they are off and your healed, is the breath is suddenly better. 

We are now exactly a month out and I am glad to report the snoring is gone and we are all so happy and sleeping in our beds!! :) The snoring took a couple weeks to go away because of the swelling from surgery. But now Hudson sleeps so quiet it scares me. I think I check on him more then I do Porter to make sure he is breathing lol.  Hudson is eating SO good now too. He had always been a picky eater, and wouldn't eat much. But now he has become a little piggy. Our doctor says its actually common. and it was probably hard to eat with huge tonsils. Could have been painful and gaggy. I feel bad! but glad he can finally eat better. This experience has been the hardest one as a mother. Surgery of a toddler with a newborn in the house is not something I recommend at all. Tanner took the first week off to be home with me, which of course was the week Hudson was in a good mood. The next week it was  just me and the boys and I cried a lot. Hudson just wanted his mommy, and porter was only 2 months old and just wanted his mommy too. Im so glad to say that the month of march is OVER! I could not be more happy :)

{under each pic ill post the update I wrote on instagram that day with the picture}

best book ever, but I recommend reading it first. There were a few things our hospital did different then the book so I had to change parts of it up a bit. 

good bye tonsils!
some pictures from the hospital
Hudson surgery went great. He was a very brave boy, and I think we prepared him well enough and he didn't have any freak out moments. He chose the car to go back to the OR in and was so good for the nurses. He has been a little cranky but nothing unexpected. We're now home watching movies and resting. He has drank a little and even ate some jello! We're looking at about a 10 to 14 day recovery then Hudson should be back to his old self and his sleep apnea will hopefully be gone 

Day 1, not so bad. It was rough right after surgery but sense being home Hudson has done great. Ate lots of jello, pudding & popsicles. Was hungry for dinner and even ate some Mac & Cheese! Spent the day on the couch watching movies. So thankful he is managing ok and praying the rest of his recovery goes smoothly

Even a #tonsillectomy & #adenoidectomy can't keep this boy down! So far day 2 hasn't been to bad. Cousin Ella came to visit and bring him a slurpee today. He wanted to run and play so bad, we had to remind him that 
day 3 has been a little rougher. He hasn't ate or drank as much as the last couple days, but still eating and drinking enough to not be worried. The after surgery fever I've been told about has come. We still ask if anything hurts and he says no. If you ask him how he feels he says "pretty good". Still doing so much better then we were expecting though 

Today has been the roughest one so far. The doctor warned days 7 to 10 would probably be the hardest as the scabs were coming off. Poor little man has been in lots of pain & we've done lots of cuddling today

Thank goodness for the ipad and temple run. One of the few things keeping this boy happy right now

The last couple days & nights have been made up of "let's just make it to the next dose of medicine". It's been rough, and painful, and I currently don't dare look in a mirror. But, when these two are sleeping peacefully and not crying it makes it all worth it.#momsaretough #tonsillectomy#dontscheduleasurgerywithanewborninthehouse#hudsonandporter #iddoanythingforthem#hashtagoverload

Making #stpatricksday crafts. Give this boy glue & scissors and he is in heaven. This was yesterday, and the first hard food he had eaten in almost 2 weeks. Still healing and in a little pain. But doing much better

3 weeks post surgery tomorrow. I'd say this boy is allot 97% healed! He has really been such a champ the last few weeks. Sleeps so peaceful at night too. It was rough, but so worth it. He has finally gotten to enjoy his birthday present from aunt shilo #huddybuddy#tonsillectomy

-dont forget to check out my previous post for an update on porter!-
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  1. awwww, poor guy! Glad he's on the mend now though!

  2. I can't even imagine how hard that was for him and you! I'm so glad he is doing much better!!

  3. Glad everything went well and that he's able to sleep better :)