Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

I originally thought this halloween would be pretty low key. Tanner had to go out of town for a few days the weekend before Halloween, and I'm just a little to pregnant and uncomfortable. But as I am looking back, we sure had a busy & fun halloween! 

First off, Hudson's costume! It turned out to be a big hit. Our cousin Sarah (I'm not sure how) but ran across a picture of little boy in a home made garbage truck costume and knowing how much Hudson LOVES garbage trucks (love may be an understatement) showed it to us and said we had to make it for him. Hudson wouldn't stop talking about it for like a month and a half. Ever since he saw that picture he was determined to be a garbage man. I thought it would be harder to make, and so we took Hudson to look at all the different costumes. Super heroes, firefighters, police man, ninja turtles, you name it! He didn't care. So a few days before Tanner left I told him he better get on making it because I needed it for that weekend. He ended up making a pretty darn good one! Its a bit more simple of a design, if you google children's garbage truck costumes some people get pretty dang creative with flashing lights and 'grabbers'. But Hudson loved it, and its still hanging around the house. We play with it every day.

as you can see, he even watches TV in his costume ;)
We took Hudson to Wheeler Farm before dad went out of town. We got to see lots of animals, lots of tractors, & feed the ducks. I didn't take really any pictures, but thought this was a cute one!

While Tanner was gone, we went with my parents and sister to a pumpkin patch. Last year we went to Cornbellys and they have SO much their, but it can be a little pricey. I was sad we didn't go this year, but Hudson had a cold on top of everything so we chose a pumpkin patch by my old work. Turned out to be great! They had a bunch of tractors for all the kids to sit on & they had a little mini corn maze that was totally free and just the right size for a toddler and pregnant momma ;)

Some pics from my moms phone. 

My parents also took us to "the haunted Murray park". Its supposed to be family friendly, and a little spooky trail you walk down and then you get hot chocolate and a donut afterwards. Well...its a different set of high school kids that put it on each year. We looked at pics of the years previous and it looked great, this year was little more spooky then I was expecting lol. I was worried how Hudson would do, but he did great!! Just stared at all the spooky dressed up people hiding in the trees. They even jumped out and said boo...scared me a little! 
right before we started walking through the trial
The day before halloween we did halloween story time at the library. We go to story time almost every week and Hudson loves it. He was a little bummed he couldn't wear his garbage truck costume though, it was just to big and hard to sit in. So thankfully last years pirate costume still fit :) They got to decorate a little pumpkin and glue it on a bag and then go trick or treating through the library too. It was lots of fun and most of his little friends came too.

We also did "trunk or treat" at my parents ward church. It was fun, everyone LOVED Hudson's costume it was a big hit! The candy goes in the front part of the truck, which was pretty genius if I do say so myself ;) Its so funny how men are automatically drawn to trucks. The moms loved his costume, but all the boys and dads would comment and say how they wish they had one of those as a kid (one guy said he wishes he had one now!) and they gave him extra candy for such a cool costume!

this was only like 20 minutes before we got dark super fast!

kinda cold, but braved it for the candy :)

On Halloween we went to Daddy's work for a halloween lunch! 
Dad made him a pretty sweet last minute costume halloween morning, I was kinda bummed I didn't get a homemade cardboard costume haha

My little garbage man & price is right contestant 

That night we did a little trick or treating. We stopped by both grandparents, then went around my moms circle with my sister and to see all my old neighbors. Then around our circle. After that we came home and let Hudson pass out some candy and play with his garbage truck more and stuff his face with lots of candy lol

 This is just a little comparison of me halloween 3 years ago. I was 29 weeks pregnant with Hudson, and then this year almost 33 weeks pregnant with Porter :) I searched high and low for that darn skeleton costume because I know I saved it. I never found it though :/ 

 Here is a few more pics from halloween morning. How perfect that it landed on garbage day ;)

Today was garbage day again, and as per usual we were outside sitting on the porch waiting to wave to the garbage man. When the garbage man came, he got out and came to talk to us. He had some goodies for Hudson and said his costume made his week! He posted a pic on Facebook and got lots of comments, and the company even recognized him ( I also shared a picture the companies Facebook page and they shared it :) ) I never thought I would love a garbage company, but I'm very impressed with Waste Management and so glad we have Travis as our garbage man! He is seriously so nice!! ...and yes, we are now on a first name basis with our garbage man ;) 

I can officially say being a boy mom has taught me SO much, and I wouldn't trade our garbage trucks and construction trucks for all the disney princesses in the world ;)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween

p.s....dont forget to check out my last post, I posted our maternity pics :)

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