Friday, November 29, 2013

36 week Bumpdate

How far along? 36 weeks 5 days
Baby's size? a coconut. 
Total weight gain: 27 lbs. only gained alb in 2 weeks, definitely make up for the almost 10lbs up the previous 2 weeks. 
Maternity clothes? Yes ma'm
Sleep: same, peeing lots, heartburn, ive had a nasty head cold for like 3 weeks that just wont go away :/
Best moment(s) this past week: thanksgiving :) I love getting to spend the day with family, and eat lots of pumpkin pie. 
Miss Anything? Just the normal breathing, being comfortable. 
Movement:  lots of kicking, and hiccups. When I have contractions he starts moving ALOT! I guess I would to if I was being squeezed like that.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope. :) glad that is all gone. 
Cravings: Cereal still, and anything pumpkin sounds amazing. 
Labor Signs: yes, on November 19th I actually had to go into Labor and Delivery. I was having contractions ALL night and morning, & they were getting pretty dang painful. They were coming about every 10 min apart consistently. I called the nurse and she said to do the normal take a warm bath, tylenol, relax, etc. and see if they go away. she said if they didn't go away and I was having 6+ an hour to go in and get checked. I did everything and they were still consistently about 7-10 min apart. and getting stronger and stronger. I knew it wasn't labor labor, but it had been ALL day and they weren't letting up. I was nervous because I was only 35 still a little to early for my comfort. I told Tanner we should probably go in and get checked, and that he couldn't get mad when I got sent home because I knew I would get sent home. I was having contractions still consistently, and after a couple hours of monitoring (Im 1cm dilated and 50% effaced by the way) the on call doctor ended up giving me a shot of some medicine to stop contractions (called tribe-something or other). That shot was HORRIBLE!! seriously I never want to have to have that ever again. It slowed down the contractions a little, but it made my heart race and I got really shaky and I just did NOT feel good. Basically gave me a panic attack. They sent me home. At my doc appointment a few days later Im still 1cm & 50% so no further progress. but Im still getting contraction a lot. Now that im past the 36 week mark though, if I for whatever reason go into actual labor they won't stop it. So I can wait till they are 5 ish minutes apart and very painful before going in. We did schedule my induction date for Monday Dec. 16th at 6:30 am.  So if he doesn't come on his own, he will be here by then!! just a little over 2 weeks away! EEEK!
Gender: little man
Symptoms:  braxton hicks every day, and acid reflux are the big ones.
Belly Button in or out? its an outie lol 
Wedding rings on or off? off
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy and emotional. 
Looking forward to: Meeting our little man!
How is Hudson doing?: still being awesome! he loves to feel Porter kick. He gets so excited every time 

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