Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little man has a name :)

Naming children is hard work! 
With Hudson we had finally narrowed down a list of about 3 names and didn't name him till after he was born. With this one I wanted to name him before he was born. I just wanted a different experience this time around. See how it is calling the baby by his name, and getting things personalized before hand, etc. But I also wanted to just know that that was the name. 
I had a good list going of names I really liked, Tanner on the other hand hated/disliked every stinking name I told him. And I probably told him hundreds. Some I really didn't like but I just wanted him to like a name lol. Well he finally "liked" about three names. He didn't love any, but liked them. So we thought about them for a few days and then it just hit me one day what the name was. I just knew that that was the name. I couldn't explain it. And it was funny, because it wasn't my favorite name of my list it just fit. If that makes any sense. I told Tanner and he just laughed at me and would say..."oh really" but he agrees with me now that this is the name. I really wasn't sure if we wanted to tell people or not, I kinda like having the surprise at birth. But, I wanted to do things different this time so I figured why not? Just know, this is his name and your opinions are invalid ;)
Now, I know your thinking this has got to be one hell of a name if I'm making such a big deal...but its not. It is no where near as awesome as North West (look up kim kardashian if you don't know that glorious story) I just wanted to remember the naming process for our family blog books. The only thing we haven't decided on is a middle name. I do want it to be a family name though, so I'm letting Tanner pick...I just have to agree. So....our sweet soon to be baby boy number two will be named


Hudson & Porter...cute right??

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  1. Oh I love the name Porter. I think Hudson and Porter sound great together.

  2. Very cute! I always loved announcing the name ahead of time---it's fun to just call the baby by name :-) Can't wait to "meet" Porter on the blog!