Tuesday, July 9, 2013

16 weeks....ER trip

Oh the joys of pregnancy :/
we got to spend last night in the wonderful E.R.

Over the weekend I had really bad cramps and super low pressure. I was a little freaked so I called the on call doctor. She was nice, she was pretty sure it was round ligament pain (which is new to me! and I thought it was more of a shooting pain). She said it was very common in your 2nd and on pregnancies and usually shows up in the second trimester. She said to take a warm bath, rest, take tylenol for pain (which it wasn't painful). I did all of that and nothing seemed to help. Monday night around 930/10 It was pretty intense pressure on my pelvic bones. It was soar and kinda felt like the after math of someone kicking you in the crotch. So not painful really, just soar and pressure. I wanted to just fall asleep and forget all about it. But, being pregnant I swear your just aware of every teeny tiny sensation your body has and you always fear the worst. So I called the on call doc again. Frankly I was just looking for reassurance...just telling me that its round ligament pain and that it can feel like pressure/soar not just pains. The on call doctor this night was not my normal OB, it was the other male doctor and he was kind of a jerk. Maybe it was my hormones and the fact that it was 10 at night and he is probably sick of stupid pregnant moms freaking out and calling him. I tried explaining it and he said to just go into the ER and get checked. I asked if he was sure, and do I go to ER or maternity ward. Apparently you have to be at least 19 weeks to go to the Maternity Ward. He just said, if its worrying you enough to call me at 10 at night, just go in.

So I immediately started bawling. Freaking out. My parents just bought us a crib and I had been going through Hudson's old baby clothes earlier that day. I felt like I had jinxed myself. I went downstairs to tell Tanner. He was obviously pretty nervous as well. We had our amazing wonderful neighbors come over and give me a priesthood blessing. This was my first time ever having a blessing and it was so nice. It made me calm. I know it helped with making sure the baby was safe and sound as well. They are seriously amazing neighbors. One was sleeping and the other was playing call of duty and both dropped everything/woke up just to come give us a blessing. We lucked out with our neighbors.
After that we dropped Hudson off at my moms and drove to the ER. I was nervous because normally I hate ERs and they have a bad rap for just not being nice. We were lucky though, the lady that checked us in was really nice and helped in explaining what I was feeling. It was nice that she was reassuring. She walked us right back to a room. I had to get into the lovely gowns and leave a urine sample. The doctor came and we talked about everything. They took the urine sample and the blood sample to look for infections. He also said they were giving me an IV incase I was dehydrated which could contribute to the cramps. I would also be getting an ultrasound then once they had all the results he would come back. The nurse came in and drew my blood and got the IV started. I seriously HATE IVs!! The only other one I had was when I was in labor and while I remember not liking it I wasn't paying much attention. A few minutes after the IV was in my whole arm went tingly and numb. It was like a cold burn and hurt! I asked Tanner if it was normal. He said he had never had an IV so he didn't know. So I of course called my nurse in and asked him. I felt kinda silly but I just wanted to know if that feeling was normal. He checked and the IV was in proper place it wasn't pooling up in my arm. He just said the IVs are room temperature which is cooler then body temperature so it is cold and the veins contract to warm it up. Normal or not it still sucked and I couldn't bend my arm.  After waiting a little while the ultrasound tech came in. She was SO nice. They wheeled my bed down to the ultra sound room. That was awesome. I have always been told that ERs don't usually let you see the baby, they never print out pictures and they cant really tell you anything because people would abuse the ER just to try to find out the sex of the baby. Well..not true here! She was so nice and commenting on the babies cute butt in the air, and how active he was. It was SUCH a relief seeing his little heart beat. I was seriously shaking before the ultrasound started. They took all kinda of measurements and checked all the goods inside me. It was a long ultrasound. She couldn't really say anything about the measurements or anything though. She did print us like 4 pictures though. And after we were all done, she said things look really good and then said she was gonna look in one more time because she wanted to get us a cuter picture :)  soo nice!! We got wheeled back into the room and waited for like 45 min to an hour. Finally the doctor came back in apologizing. He had been sitting at his computer just waiting for the results of the u/s. He said normally a little light goes off letting him know. It never went off so he called down and they said they had been done for a while. He felt bad, but computer glitches happen I guess. He said baby looked good, but it did look like I have a UTI. So he gave me antibiotics for that. He still wasn't sure what was causing the pressure/cramps but everything was normal and nothing really wrong so he was thinking just a mixture of the uti and some round ligament pain/uterus stretching. I also had kinda high blood pressure when I first came in, they were a little worried about pre-eclampsia but there wasn't protein in my urine so they took my blood pressure again before I could be discharged to make sure it had gone down. Thankfully it did! the nurse said he was pretty sure EVERYONES blood pressure raises the second they walk into the ER. I don't blame him. I was a shaking crying nervous wreck. I called my doctor today and let them know what happened and to see if they wanted me to come in for a follow up or wait 3 weeks till the next appointment. I haven't heard anything back yet, but I'm still having the pressure and soreness...grrrr! Im just glad everything looked normal though. 

I seriously have the best husband ever to hang out till 2am in the ER and not get mad when its just a REALLY expensive uti ;) and an IV. Better safe then sorry though, and UTIs can get dangerous during pregnancy, so I think its justified Were both just so glad little man is safe and well. He needs to keep cooking for another 23 weeks! 

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  1. Oh no, how scary! Glad everything was fine though :-)