Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9 months!!

A few months behind on updates, life's been a little crazy.
Where in the world has 9 months gone?! I still cant believe you have been in this world longer then you were in my belly. Its a surreal milestone for me. Your growing up so fast!! I love watching you grow and learn, but i wish time would slow down a little. 

SLEEPING: Sleeping hasn't changed to much. You still get up a few times in the night to nurse and usually just end up sleeping with me for the rest of the night :) I love snuggling with you. 

EATING:  nursing is still going strong!! Im so excited about this, although you refuse bottles so you cant be away from me for more then a couple hours or you freak out and wont eat. You have 3 'meals' a day. Were slowly working up your solids intake. You love banana, avocado, eggs, yogurt, applesauce and most purees. You also love your puffs. 

MILESTONES:  So many milestones since our last update! You started crawling on 7/15/14 (the day before you turned 7 months). Shortly after that you started pulling up to standing on everything! You walk along all the furniture, you have been climbing stairs since 7 1/2 months, you walk when we hold your hands. You can say "dada". You clap and wave your hands (8 months). You cut your first tooth today! (9/23/14). the bottom left front tooth. Not all the way in yet but I can feel the sharp tip

Weight: 17 lb range (home scale)
Height: not sure till your next doc apt. 
Diaper size: 3
clothing size: 9-12 month clothes. 12-18 month jammies
Hair: your hair has finally started to fill in the last couple months. Its really fine and short but its there! also, its pretty reddish.
Eyes: the prettiest blue!

You are such a happy easy baby. The only time you really fuss or cry is in car or if moms not right by you. You sure love your momma :) Its hard sometimes to even take a shower but I know these days are limited. When mom is around you just chill and play with toys. You have been really quiet the last  couple months but I think its because you have been focusing on your crawling/mobility. You love to say dah dah when you see your dad. And you like to scream and laugh. You and your brother are able to play more and  more every day. I cant wait till you can run around together. You love to look at each other and clap and laugh on the rare moments your happy in the car

We love you so much Mr. Porter Pants. Im so happy you are apart of this family.

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