Thursday, May 1, 2014

Porter 4 month update

Porter Pants turned 4 months on April 16th!! Man, I am behind lol! 

I cant believe how big this little guy is getting so fast :) He is so aware, and alert, and loves his momma! It is so fun watching him learn and discover new things every day.

SLEEPING: Sleeping is still pretty much the same, cat naps throughout the day. But at night you are waking more. Not to bad, but instead of averaging 2 times a night its like 4 or so. Im sure its just the 4 month growth spurt I have heard so much about :) 

EATING:  Still exclusively breast fed. :) So proud of that accomplishment! I'm thinking we are going to start introducing solids next month.

MILESTONES:  Your laughing finally!! You are always so happy and smiley to everyone (as long as mom is holding you ;) ) but we have to work pretty dang hard for those laughs. They are amazing though and so worth it!

Weight: 14-15 lb range. 
Height: not sure till your next doc apt. 
Diaper size: 2
clothing size: mostly 6 month clothing. although a good chunk of your  3/6 month still fit. You fit into 9/12 month jammies though! All because of your height though, your skinny and tall like your brother.
Hair: pretty bald! HAHA but whats left is still a blondish red 
Eyes: the prettiest blue!


You are starting to eat EVERYTHING. You love to grab our faces and eat our noses.

Your starting to show interest when people eat. You follow every bite of food and watch us.

You are in love with your brother and will just smile/laugh at him all day.

You talk none stop!!

You found your feet and hold them all day long

You look a lot like jack-jack from the incredibles 

You love mom more then anything and are starting to get stranger danger. I can leave you with ANYONE or you scream bloody murder the whole time I'm gone. I secretly love it!

lol...I dont think you like pose anymore ;)

I was pretty mad when I went to take these pictures because my camera died!!! But, I got some off of my phone...just not as great quality. 

I almost forgot our basket picture too! 

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  1. So adorable. I love the pictures of your two boys together. Such brotherly love!

  2. Love that last picture especially---what a cutie!