Monday, November 12, 2012

What Hudson Eats, Toddler Edition

 One of the blogs I folow, from mrs to mama, did I post similar to this a few days ago. It inspired my post today. I thought this would be a fun thing to look back on.

 Now, first lets get a few things straight. Hudson is STILL an extremely picky eater. We have our good days for sure, but we have our bad days. Im sure to offer a good variety and good portions for each meal and/or snack, whether or not he eats it is another question. There are a few things he eats REALLY well though, ill talk more about that later. Also, he eats more then what is pictured, those are just the things that came to my mind first.

Breakfast for breakfast it really depends who is feeding him that morning as to what he will get. If its dad, he usually gets cereal (multi grain cherrios is the normal). If its Tanners mom she usually feeds him oatmeal. My mom makes him toast and eggs every friday. If its me it really depends. Some days its eggo waffels. I dont like Hudson to use syrup, so I usually use peanut butter and some honey. He loves its. Other days Ill makes eggs and toast with yogurt, some days its cereal. Others its fruit and yogurt. Just really depends. Breakfast seems to be the meal he eats the best. Waffels with peanut butter is one he will usually eat the whole thing every time.

Lunch this is the one meal I rarely ever get to feed him. I do pack him a lunch every day though and he eats at grandmas. I try to rotate so its not the same every day. I always pack a fruit in his lunch. Fruit is one thing I can ALWASY get hudson to eat :) He LOVES strawberries, blueberries, bananas, oranges, peaches, pears and watermelon. I also usually pack a yogurt for some calcium. I love the daninino ones. They are made with whole milk and they are small so PERFECT size for little toddler bellies. He really enjoys tuna fish sandwiches! I make mine with ranch by the way, becuase I hate mayo. Its so yummy. This one makes me happy. as long as his sandwhich is cut into dinosaur shapes he will eat them every time. We do peanut butter and jelly/or honey. Macaroni and Cheese, Spaghettios, fish sticks. Sometimes leftovers from dinner. Quesidillas, chicken nuggets. The normal lunch stuff.

Dinner Hudson usually eats anything we eat. He loves spaghetti. I love that he loves it becuase its an easy one to sneak veggies into with the sauce. He likes rice. sloppy joes. Burritos or enchiladas are a big hit. He likes pasta and sauces. He always has to have something to dip his food into.  He also really likes cheeseburgers. But it can only have sauce, cheese and sometimes tomato.  Basically whatever we eat we offer it to him.

snacks I like to think his snacks are pretty common for a toddler. He loves nutra grain bars. I will sometimes give him one on the way to grandmas in the morning if were running late. We eat goldfish. I have recently started getting the annies bunnies ones, they are really yummy! saying he loves cheese is an understatment. I get him the mickey mouse cheese shapes and he really likes those. Fruit is a big snack at our house too. I used to do the pouch fruits but we stopped for a while. Hudson has started showing interest and eating them again YAY! another way to hide some veggies ;) one of his favorites is the pumpkin banana up & up brand. We eat the micky mouse dried fruit. That seems to be a hit and miss with hudson. Some days he likes them others he acts like its too sour. Hudson also likes grahm crackers, he eats alot of those at grandmas.

Drinks for the most part we just drink water. Hudson doesn't mind and actually sometimes will ask for water over whatever drink he already has. He drinks milk a couple times a day. Sometimes whole, sometiems 2%. He LOVES lemonade. He usually only gets this if we go out to eat. The only juice I buy is the v8 splash. That way I can sneak a teeny bit of veggies in him.

Misc I try to get him to eat veggies, but he isnt a big fan. Also, he is still somewhat lacking in the tooth department so raw veggies are still not an option. Once in a while he will eat some peas and corn, but usually I have to find ways to sneak them in his diet. Also, we are definetly not an all organic family. I try, becuase I do feel it is better for you. Its just so darn expensive!! plus I survived so I think were ok ;) We have a good mix of organic and processed food in our house. We do not however eat white bread. All of our rolls/tortillas/bread/buns/waffels are wheat and whole grain. The one thing we do about 50/50 is white rice over brown rice. One day ill get the husband to go 100% brown rice.  I would like to think were pretty healthy anyways.



  1. My girls have little vegetable radar detectors I think haha...if they are eating spaghetti or something they will pain stakingly pick out every speck of tomato chunk or other vegetable! lol. We definitely eat the same things over and over here. Kind of looking forward to them going to school because I plan to just make them eat school lunch and let the school deal with their tantrums if they don't eat a variety hahaha :-P

    1. Seriously what is it with veggies and toddlers! Lol at least they eat fruit I guess! That stinks about spaghetti, Hudson will do that with Some foods, drives me crazy!

  2. I love reading these. It gives me some ideas for my very picky toddler! Glad to see someone else loves tuna fish!

    1. Yay for picky toddlers ;) but i'm glad to great someone else likes tuna fish, people usually give us funny