Wednesday, June 6, 2012


today is a pretty random day. I've been slightly overwhelmed and have a bunch on my mind.

First of, I have realized im not a phone person. Not even close. If you call me and your number isn't saved in my phone I won't answer. Leaving a voice mail wont help either. I have been  known to wait till there are 10 messages before I finally go threw them. Your better off calling my husband to get a hold of me. That or text me.

I despise the heat. I can tolerate 70-80 degree weather. Anything about 90 though and I am a hot mess. I get incredibly grumpy. I get headaches. My hands and ankles swell like I am 8 months pregnant!

I need someone to watch my son, for like 24 hours so I can finally fully clean my whole house and finish unpacking all my boxes. And thats no where close to our weed problem out side.

Our roof needs help. We had a huge windstorm a few weeks ago. Our neighborhood is incredibly windy and we have a good 2-3 foot patch where ALL the shingles came off. Crap.

There is a possible position opening up at work. It would be an amazing opportunity. The pay would be incredible. I would get to quit my serving job and have every Sunday off (and I would work every 3rd sat) instead of working seven days a week like I am no. But....its full time. So instead of my 24ish hours a week, I would work 40-45. UGH....this decision is incredibly hard. I don't know if I can leave mister Hudson that long, and I don't know how passionate I am at my job. I love it, but I don't think its my calling.

Infact, I have no idea what my calling is. I would love to be able to stay home and raise our family, but sadly that isn't in the cards for us right now. I have this crazy idea to start up my own business but no clue where to start.

Im slightly addicted to instagram. Best. Thing. Ever.

Hudson is potty training! Ill do an official post later. He was showing almost every sign in the book, and the past couple days as long as where home he will stay dry! (well 92% of the time ;))

I need to loose some serious weight. SERIOUSLY. I refuse to call it baby weight since Hudson is now a 16 month old toddler. Im way past due. Any good tips??

I don't get out enough. I need some girl time.

My hair is driving me nuts. I chopped it off after I had Hudson, worst decision ever. I think  postpartum women should not be able to make any kind of decison with out a third party approval. We make bad decisions.

I found this one....and how I kinda makes me sad. Hopefully some day.


  1. I did weight watchers online after having Brielle and lost all of the baby weight plus some in just a couple months. I had tons of success and know a lot of people it's also worked for :-) It's great because it's not like an insane diet that you could never do long term. It's definitely something you can do for life if need be.

    Good luck with the work decision!

  2. Phew! You poor girl! You need a day to your self. You sound way to nice to be feeling the way you do!